Thursday, August 26, 2010


I personally haven't watched Ms. Universe yet, but I wanna show this anyway--I already asked my friends what's the deal with "major major" so I already know Venus Raj's(Philippines) answer(poor excuse for being too lazy to watch a YouTube video)... Moving on! (I'm so late I just posted this now hahaha)

At least she got the fourth place, though it would've been great if she won.

Anywaaaay, Ms. Mexico won, she's pretty!
I still haven't gotten over the fact that Venus Raj's waistline is only 22.

Friday, August 20, 2010


Hiya, this is a blog of mine, obviously(in addition to many more out there), which I will make an almost personal blog peppered with a pinch of random, spontaneity and probably self-deprecating humor(which hopefully will be... funny, I mean). So, um, in short, a blog of all sorts(almost). Sorry, my current fave word is 'almost' ever since this morning.

Enough with that. Moving on! I wanna share an awesome site I recently discovered, which is cool if you wanna kill time. And boredom. And also if you don't know what the eff (erm, I don't say the F word) you should do with life: wtfshouldidowithmylife Cute, right? Here's the result I got:

I clicked the okay! button and guess what? I was redirected to Hahahaha! Well actually I thought about making crafts. I think. I'm not sure. Lol, maybe I did not. I tried clicking the opposite button and the result was this:

Hell NO!! My older sister's first course was Education majoring in English, actually. Then she shifted to another course.


Yesterday night I was cutting paper and I tried experimenting with our point-and-shoot(you don't know how much I want a dslr! lol)....

Uhhhh, yeah. You could say I was bored.

I love MGMT. (And now their vocalist too). *swoons*

ETA: I just Google-d MGMT a while ago to know who their vox is(shame, I know)... idk, every time I like a band, I don't really bother who their members are maybe because I don't care enough for the band/singer, only their music. Now that sounds selfish. :(

Anyway the only bands I ever Google-d to find out who their singer is were MGMT and The Academy, and only because I saw a video of their songs(Flash Delirium and About a Girl, respectively) and thought them cute.

it is essential(at times) to know the name of your crushes so when you would remember/talk about him to a friend you're not gonna name him by reciting what the color of his hair is, where you saw him, the number on the back of his shirt, etc. and when someone asks me who my crush is(such curiosity! lol), I'll tell them it's not from our school and he's from a band they don't know so then they'll stop bugging me and pairing me with other male students. Ha! Hmm, but also it would save you if you have a crush on a person whose name you don't know because then your friends will stop teasing you because talking about the number on the back of his shirt and his hair to you for the main purpose of teasing gets too tiring.

I saw a guy once at a fast food, but the lower part of his face was covered with his hand and I had(I decided only now he's not worth crushing because I haven't registered fully what he looks like) a crush on him because his hair's cool and he seems like the person who would best fit Patch from the book Hush, Hush. I think he's only a teen. And also, another time, at a pizza store I saw this boy who was tall, has nice hair(a bit curly but nice) who seems awkward. Hmm, I think he's not gonna be a crush of mine starting now.

In short, my crush is Andrew(MGMT's vox).

That is all.