Thursday, September 23, 2010


I'm fifteen today. Gosh, I'm getting old! Anyway, I wanna share what my major accomplishments were when I was fourteen years old :

1. Finally made a layout on Tumblr (fyi it's working), and oh here's my main Tumblr though I'm not using the one I made
2. Made new friends
3. My hair became great(happened this summer after I got a haircut)
4. Got better at taking pictures using only a point-and-shoot
5. Bought Pride&Prejudice and Wuthering Heights; read a classic novel for the first time(I first read the former)

....and that's about it. Haha.

I want a dslr for my birthday but my mom doesn't like to give me one(my dad doesn't really care much about what to give since my mom takes care of that and I'm closer with my mom so yeah), so I'm thinking about her just letting me buy books online. Or should I get a lomo? So confused.

*will edit tomorrow which will somehow violate the invisible but obvious rule of this post(um, well obviously this is a celebratory post because I just turned 15 but when I edit this tomorrow, I'm already 15 and a day old.)

ETA: it's been weeks and I still haven't edited much to make this a worthy celebratory post. Haha.

Saturday, September 18, 2010


I'd attend wearing either of the two:


My older sister downloads Jmags(Japanese magazines) frequently. Obviously she just reads it ogles at the pictures, that's what you get when you don't know how to speak Japanese. But I do read it, though rarely, because I only do when I'm bored/there's no Internet/I have free time and I choose to waste it by staring at a magazine in another language(it's all about the pictures).

But seriously, though, even if I totally think it's a waste of memory space and nobody gets any benefit from it, it's quite cool to read it because the clothes shown/editorials are cute.

See what I mean:

note: all pictures are from my sister's folder dedicated only to jmags. (click to enlarge)

Thursday, September 16, 2010

theundercoverbooklover's HarperTeen books contest

First off, I wanna say I just seriously wanna win this as much as the previous contest. You guys could help me by praying I win this one--and the other one(previous post). Should I host a prayer meeting? I kid.

Oh universe? what's up with you? you've never
let me win a single contest I've joined.
Is it my luck?

and that, people, is a made-up quote. and that made-up quote sucks.

I'm so happy this contest is international(well at least where bookdepository ships to, but it ships to the Philippines so it's all good)! Jumping for joy!


I wanna read Delirium so bad, that's why I chose the "awesome pack". The other books in that pack looks interesting too. But.. I also wanna read Vampire Crush... all the people who read it on Goodreads gave it 5 stars! So obviously it's average is 5.00, which sounds terrific. BUT STILL, DELIRIUM ALL THE WAY!!!!!

keeping my fingers crossed! ;o

Saturday, September 11, 2010


Haha. What a coincidence! Well, actually no, erase that--I decided recently I don't believe in coincidences(hey, come to think of it.. everything happens for a reason). I'll tel you why: I asked the author of Infinite Days, Ms. Rebecca Maizel, what the colors of Lenah and Justin's hair were(via Twitter) and that was Sept. 6... or 7, not sure. Then I just found out recently she's having a contest--you just have to cast Infinite Days! Huh, how awesome is that? I mean, look/search/read this post. It's about the books I wanna be turned into movies(yes, Infinite Days included!) and the people whom I wanna be the main character/s.
Seriously. Things do happen for a reason; I asked the author that question, the color of Lenah and Justin's hair, because I was mentally casting actors! *giggles* But, in the mentioned post I haven't thought of anyone for Infinite Days. So now here's what I think...

For Rhode:
unknown age, could be 17, could be 25. Brunette almost black hair, the bluest eyes you've ever seen. Six foot or taller. At one time a knight with the Order of the Garter. Excellent swordsman, willing to die for Lenah.

Chris Pine

Oh yeah. Blue eyes and brunette hair are there. Actually what I had in mind was a breathtaking sapphire color sort of eyes, but I've yet to see a person with those color of eyes(actually, my birthstone is sapphire).
He's cute, right? Haha. I loved him in the Princess Diaries 2! (Though no one could beat Mia+that guy she kissed in the ending in Princess Diaries).

For Vicken:
Scottish bad boy. 19 was once a soldier, brown eyes incredible fighter, better with knives than swords. Leader of Lenah's coven. Strong jaw and lean. Not bulky.
Wait! I have two choices!

Josh Hartnett

I also have Justin Gaston in mind
(he's the guy in Taylor Swift's Love Story music video). Btw, it's hard to Google a decent picture of him a.) without Miley Cyrus beside him b.)not posing for an underwear ad, lol--oh wait I just found out he's an underwear model... hmm, that explains why.

Justin Gaston 1

My most hated character in the book is(yeah, up to now) Vicken. I didn't see what Lenah saw in him. Is it just me? haha.

For Justin:
Blonde, tall, adrenaline junkie. Strong features, slim nose, athlete body. Can be reckless and have trouble with authority. A go getter with a danger streak. He's handsome but that's obvious, he's also caring and passionate.
Lucas Till

3.jpg Lucas Till picture by KKardashian28

He may not have exactly a slim nose, but I really like him for the part of Justin.

For Lenah:
16, brunette long hair that falls well past her chest. Blue eyes but nowhere as blue as Rhode's. 5'7 thin but not too waifish - meat on the bones. When she was a vampire she would easily have killed you. Excellent sword fighter. Afterall she learned from Rhode and Vicken. She is British and her vampire aura makes her mysterious.
I have also two choices here

the first one is Kaya Scodelario:

Kaya - kaya-scodelario photo

and the other one is Lily Collins(she could use blue contact lenses!!!!)

I think both of them are seriously pretty. And, Lily is a British/American actress, which is perfect because Lenah is British! To be fair, Kaya's dad is English, so it's all good :)

Wednesday, September 8, 2010


I gots a Lookbook now, peoples! Heh, intentional wrong grammar to piss you off. If it didn't, okay then.

I'm bored, so here are some pictures I took over the past days/weeks.

Saturday, September 4, 2010


Yes, and I'm referring to fashion magazines. September issues are always the thickest/biggest-issue-ever-and-whatnot/juiciest/hottest... the list goes on. I abused Google just to show you some magazine covers for the awesome month of September(of course it is, it's my birth month, and besides, it's a new season--fall, but we don't have that season in the Philippines so yeah).

Rachel Bilson for InStyle; Bonnie Wright for ASOS

Victoria Justice for Teen Vogue; Catherine McNeil for Vogue Australia

Natalia Vodianova for Vogue Russia; Marion Cotillard for Vogue Paris

Kate Moss for Vogue UK; Miranda Kerr for Vogue Italia

Halle Berry for Vogue US; Dakota Fanning for Dazed and Confused

Jessica Szohr for Nylon; Kasia Struss for Numero Tokyo

Natasha Poly for Numero; Julia Roberts for Elle USA

Emily Blunt for Elle UK, Jennifer Aniston for Harper's Bazaar

Elle MacPherson for Harper's Bazaar Australia; Gisele Bundchen for Harper's Bazaar UK

MK Olsen for Marie Claire US; Drew Barrymore for Marie Claire UK

Lady Gaga for Vanity Fair

I liked Vogue Russia, Australia and Vogue Italia(I want one, with the 3d glasses and all). Numero, Dazed&Confused and Vanity Fair also looks good. What's up with Nylon? Jessica Szohr looks uncomfortable. Heh, Lady Gaga's pose screams "World Peace!"

Whew. Peace y'all! Have a nice September. And don't forget, I'm turning 15 this 23.