Sunday, October 31, 2010


Okay. As we all know I already have Crescendo(was disappointed with the story), but I haven't told you guys about my other books. Somewhere in October I made my mom buy me Forgive my Fins, which I have been wanting the most out of my to-read books, and Linger as part of my birthday gift(singular because I consider it a set/package lol). I wanted The DUFF and A Kiss in Time too but ended up with buying only two books after having a lengthy discussion that made me tear up. Uh, yeaaah, errr... yeah. She said she'll buy only two books so of course I was mad, I mean, I haven't even showed her Gossip Girl The Carlyles: Love The One You're With! She wanted to buy only A Kiss in Time because it was a paperback and it was cheap compared to the rest, and I was like WHAT!IDONTEVENLIKETHISASMUCHASTHEREST!111!!ELEVEN!! blah blah... I ended up with Forgive My Fins, which was uber cute--the cover, not the jacket, and the story of course--and Linger, which was a bit... bleak or boring compared to Shiver, but I liked it nonetheless.

This is the part where I'm gonna talk about what I like and what I didn't, etc. with the mentioned books.
With Forgive My Fins, I love Quince and Lily. Super cute couple! Though not in the same level of cuteness with Sam and Grace(they're cute because they're really sweet and not like other YA couples who seem their lives revolve around each other). Quince and Lily are like, cute because they make me giddy. If I could have a real life boyfriend based from a book, it would be Quince. Haha, no, seriously.

Well, with Linger it was a bit boring, it's like licking an ice cream then you get bored then you finally decide to eat the cone, but I understand it's really part of the story, so that was not an insult. With Grace, the pain she felt kept reappearing and then she feels something then it's gone and so on. She never really decided to go straightforward and think about what might actually be causing her problem and stuff centering on that, and she doesn't want to admit about what might actually happen to her, though it somewhat hinted about her feeling something(in the gut, maybe? pun not intended) that her sickness is related to wolves. Or rather, her being one. But she doesn't really want to admit it and face the truth. Well, I mean, if you were in her shoes and your wolf boyfriend is already human(we'll see..... lol spoiler!) would you still want to be a wolf? No. So probably she's rational. Somewhat.
Anyway, one thing that bugged me ever since Shiver was how people actually wanted to be wolves. As Sam said, it's like a suicide. Who would want to be a wolf just to forget your life? Not me. Cole did. And, seriously. You should've just run away or something if you wanna forget, not agree on changing to some other form. And, one thing, why would you want to be a wolf when sooner or later you'll become one permanently? Seriously?! You were born to a beautiful world(uh-huh) then you end up dying an animal--literally? What crazy person would want that?!!! I know we're talking about fiction, so I'm wondering that out loud to, you know, others. Cough, Cole and Shelby, and, cough, somehow Olivia(hey, she wanted it in the end in Shiver), cough. Speaking of Olivia, where was she in Linger? Oh man. Though I cracked up with Rachel and the things she say, like, "Boyfruits". Haha.

30stm-Hurricane. This song is the bomb.

Labelled as TGIF though it's already Saturday(12 AM) but I started writing this in Friday, so... And I only have one post under TGIF, people. Haha. As Boys Like Girls and Taylor Swift said, two is better than one.

Wednesday, October 27, 2010



A week before, I was totally ready to order books on Amazon(I forced my mom that it's gonna be my birthday gift. No, not gifts. I counted them as one. Haha) and my mom told me her limit's $40 but it went beyond to $68 and then when I ordered, there was no Super Saver Shipping and I realized it said "to a single U.S. address". I was like, "NOOOO". So I asked my mom to find someone who'll come home to the Phils. from US. So then she said her friend's sibling will arrive November something, and I asked her, "Wouldn't that be a problem because there's a limit for the weight of baggages and it might be a problem for her blah blah..." and she agreed so then we were like :| and then when I went to a bookstore I saw The DUFF, Linger, Forgive My Fins, Gossip Girl The Carlyles: Love The One You're With, which are all included in my Amazon wishlist! I was really really happy and excited and just.. stoked!

So I texted my mom to come to this particular mall (she wasn't able to come to because she had work. It was a non-working holiday... her bosses are probably crazy or something) but she said she couldn't because of reasons which I'm too lazy to specify. So... where was I?.... Oh. So I was sad and when I went home I told my mom about it and we agreed we'd go to that mall the day after tomorrow. Ye-haaaaayyyy!

So... my classmate told me about Crescendo and showed me the book, which was held by her twin sister that time because she was reading it, and I instantly became shocked and excited and happy and angry and frustrated. I was angry because I can't believe they got the book even before I did. It's not that I don't want them to read it, it's just that I was hoping I was the one who first reads it but obviously that didn't happen. I was excited and happy because it's finally here! In the Philippines! They said they bought it Saturday, which was October 23 and they told me the exact place where they bought it, and also the price. I needed details, okay?

I asked my mom to buy me the book yesterday(when I found out it's already out in the Phils.) but she said she
couldn't. She totally could, she just wouldn't. Bummer. So I brought my own money with me to school and a classmate(last year I lent her my copy in school, and she wasn't able to finish so she bought her own. I got her into Hush, Hush, jsyk.) and I agreed to go to this mall to look for the book. I found one, but it has a very minor damage on the spine(the silver/grey was kind of scratched off so it became white) and besides if I bought it, what about her, my classmate? So we agreed to ask the saleslady in the Customer Information desk to ask if their branch in this grocery store had copies. She said there were two and we had it reserved and then we set off, and when we went to the bookstore there were three copies. My friend got hers, I got mine but it had a damage(this long kind of scratch in the spine too, and a part of the cover and jacket was folded), and the other copy had a worse damage too—there was a tear in a part of the cover jacket. So I told my friend I’ll just buy one in another grocery since the bookstore had a branch there too. It’s not a problem to me because actually the grocery was kind of near to the place where I live. Then we said our goodbyes and in this third place I went to to search for the book which hopefully has no damage, there were two copies. There were, thank goodness, fine. I picked one up which looked better to me and went home(not after buying food. My tummy was lonely) and there I sang Hallelujah (no, not the one by Paramore) repeatedly and celebrated and basked in the glory only a book I wanted so much and bought with my own money gave.

Now I'm feeling so fly like a G6.

*will edit(add pictures, whatever) when I have the chance.

Sunday, October 24, 2010



Honestly, I haven't watched Skins 1-2 religiously. I have only watched, like, 4 and a half(haven't finished 1x01. Oh and that's the total no. of episodes I've ever watched throughout the whole Skins series) but I'm addicted to it. I'm currently downloading Skins 3x03 btw. I swore to myself I'd watch Skins 3 religiously. Every single episode. Besides there are scenes which I'm sure I won't want to watch in Skins 1-2 that's why I only watched particular episodes(Effy, Effy, etc. lol). At least in Skins 3 there won't be a counterpart of Tony and Maxxie... I think. Wow. The Internet's fast today, huh. My download speed's ranging from 50-60+ KB/sec. the faster the speed, the faster the download will finish.

ETA: My download just failed. So now I'm downloading another one. THANKS FOR GETTING MY HOPES UP! :( Just when it's real close to the end.. And now it's 40 something kb/sec.

Friday, October 22, 2010


From now on I'll make a TGIF post every Friday, of course. Oh btw I haven't eaten at TGIFriday's. Ever since. And now I want to.

So this week--oh wait, actually--the past few days, I started watching Skins(well, only Effy's episodes. I realized that not because an episode is named after a character doesn't mean that character will only be in that episode. Basically all I've watched is 1x01 then I stopped halfway because Effy's not there and I have already decided she's my fave character there. So I skipped to 1x07 then 2x08... and now I'm downloading 3x01.)

Some scenes were not appropriate for young children but I'm 15 so whatever. I was thinking about how young Kaya Scodelario was that time. I mean, fourteen and already smoking, getting stoned(1x07, with Spencer in the bus).. and too much kissing! I mean, if she's my daughter I won't let her join the cast. My point is, if I were Kaya, I wouldn't join Skins because I think it's a bad influence.

Don't know. Maybe that's just for a photoshoot or whatever. Oh heck. Let her be, it's not my life.

ETA: Just finished 3x01. What the heck's wrong with Effy? Dude, she's almost like a slut. Okay, new fave character is Freddie.


Btw, the girl in that video's dating Adam Levine, according to the awesome www. When I first saw the video I was excited because it had no music video back then when I first heard the song, but soon I was like WTFISTHIS???!!!

MGMT-The Handshake | one of my fave MGMT songs :)


Sunday, October 17, 2010


Hello you guise! Here's a not-so-quick update.

I finished reading Hunger Games(which I borrowed from the school library mainly for my sister to read, but eventually I read it too. Actually, I was shocked when I first saw the book there, I mean I was like, "WHAT THEY HAVE YA HERE?!") a few days ago and and at the last pages(when they were gonna be crowned victors--KatnissxPeeta, my eyes rolled, my eyes narrowed, my brows furrowed, and I threw the book(I was in the bed reading, so it wasn't damaged, and btw that was the first time I ever did that). Well, mixed emotions, I guess. I mean, I get it. Katniss needed to act all sweet but I thought it was over-the-top sweet. All that's missing are ants. Too sweet, in fact, I cringed, honestly. And Gale! Oh, how my heart breaks for him. It's depressing, he was, like, only in the first part of the book, excluding Katniss's memories of and with him. But I also felt somehow sorry for Peeta, I mean... unrequited love. And Peeta's dad(he wanted to marry Katniss's mom)! Oh well. And as for Rues, how sad! And Glimmer too. I felt sad for her death. Maybe because her beauty was wasted, etc. Hahaha. Shallow, I know. Hmm. Thresh's death was sad too. As for Cato, if Katniss will just shoot him at the end, why did she not do it before the muttations tortured Cato more? That's why I rated it 4 stars on Goodreads, because I sort of became angry at the last part.

I need to borrow Catching Fire! I knew HG ever since late 2009, but I didn't really pay much attention to it because I judge a book by its cover and when I saw Hush, Hush and HG at a bookstore back then, I liked Hush, Hush more. No regrets, though. But now it feels I'm the last one to jump in the bandwagon. When people started to read HG in school, I was like, "oh I know that book but I don't want to read it because I already know Mockingjay's ending/epilogue". It was true, I read a blog post from Alexandra Bracken's website. She's the author of Brightly Woven(side comment: first book I bought online, Amazon, to be exact. BW will always hold a special place in my heart. The book was amazing, btw, so no regrets.. oh wait there was a tiny bit when I clicked the 4-day shipping. I didn't click the 'Place Order' or something like that but 4 days later the book arrived and I was like "WTFHOWDIDTHISHAPPENIDIDNOTCLICKTHATBUTTON!!!" and I needed to wait a few days after to read it because at first I told my mom to just return it to the post office blah blah and just buy again but not the 4-day shipping anymore since it cost $40+ which sucked big time and suddenly returning it felt too complicated so we sticked with it).

Btw, I was made temporary treasurer for 2 weeks in class. I need to ask money from each student in my class for our mission month(to be donated to unfortunate people, I think). Oh life. My teachers replaced our current class officers for new ones and when she said names to who will replace whom, the chosen ones(lol sounds like HP) were like "WHAT?!" plus an :O expression. When I was called I became shocked and laughed. Not a fake one. Being a treasurer is srs bsns, thus the tag :)

Plus points for the red hair. I wish I had red hair. Oh well. 1:25 was cool.. the flowers moving in a wave effect. I had this song since 9/21, modesty aside. Hohoho. I think the video's amazing. It's a breath of fresh air from her usual videos(surprisingly there were no guy/s included in the video, probably because she's the "only girl in the world".. pun included? yes?).

Friday, October 8, 2010


Seriously. FTV keeps me up to date with fashion shows, models, etc. Well, obviously, since it's Fashion TV. You probably don't know that I love watching FTV and seeing clothes on the runway that I like.

I was watching the channel yesterday, or the day after that, and I saw some really cute clothes on the runway.

Here's some that I like:

Louis Vuitton FW 10/11

The dresses look effin' great, with the belts and all those. The two last dresses look amazing too, the first reminds me of Alexander McQueen's gown, you know, that black and red with butterflies. The pink dress looks so fluffy and gorgeous.



Well, I liked the lion faces too. Those dresses are kick-ass; they sort of give that vintage/warrior-ish/billowy/medieval times look.


Wowowowowow. Really stunning! All those drapes and feathery stuff... they all look like angels btw.

Zuhair Murad

Wow. All those frills look too cute and adorable and pretty and cute! Seriously! They all look like one of the following: a.) a ballerina; b.) a bride c.) angel in an angelic dress d.) a ballerina bride
e.) a frilly businesswoman f.) an elegantly pretty and girly.. girl? g.) a goddess


The gloves are elegantly cute, and I like the sheer lace/whatever those fabrics are. Ah, the gowns and that birdcage dress! I am in love. I like the simplicity of the dresses; pretty.

Giorgio Armani Prive

That gradient dress is cool. And those capes are awesome. And I lack better adjectives.

ETA: Can't believe this post took up the whole page. Haha. Good night loves ;)