Thursday, November 25, 2010


I want many things. On top of the list is a dSLR, just so you know.

By the way I've read A Kiss in Time and it was really good, but the ending(Two Years Later) wasn't. That's just not right. I wanted for Jack and Talia to maybe just live in Miami, blah blah. I mean, they're both gonna study in different places(Jack in... Manchester? And Talia in Paris). You don't have to go to Paris for a fashion school, you know. And then Taliat said that they'll live in Euphrasia(of course after studying), and, what the heck? You guys want to live in a tourist attraction?! Oh and btw they re-enact the part when Jack found Talia and kissed her in front of an audience(which they probably do daily until they go to school).... idk what time they did that. Summer? Because that's before they go to school so yeah, probably. I hope it becomes a movie because the book made me giddy. They're cute together :) Though I hope if it becomes a movie, the director will realize the ending's not that good and change it.

But.... but.. am I the only one who loved the book and hated the Two years Later part? Anyway it was told in different POVs and in present tense. Wow! Those are what I love in a book. Though if it was in past tense and/or has only one POV and is real good, I won't mind. This book made me compare it to Forgive My Fins, because I questioned how, in Forgive My Fins, Lily realized she loved Quince.
The former I totally liked because I knew why Talia and Jack really loved each other, while in the latter I was quite doubtful, but yeah I guess they really do love each other. Oh well.

And I haven't told you guys I watched Harry Potter 7 already! Well, I just did. It was really good! Though in the first parts I wasn't quite able to focus because I was Facebook-ing on my phone(just had to say I was watching it!). They didn't show when Dudley and Harry said their goodbyes! I was totally anticipating it! And--spoiler--Wormtail didn't kill himself. He was simply Stupefy-ed(I'm thinking that's the spell, because Harry didn't really say anything when he attacked Wormtail). Bummer!

Anyway I need to eat dinner(my mom's here so I really need to), but I'll lengthen this some more when I can. ;)