Monday, December 20, 2010


Hullo! This Dec. 17, our school had a Xmas party. I'm gonna give gifts next year because I haven't done any Xmas shopping yet. Apparently, many of my classmates will do the same too(same reason). The previous years though, many was able to do their Xmas shopping, so obviously gifts were given during the Xmas party. Anyway I was still able to receive a few.

I was really excited when I got the book. I thought it was a notebook or a journal, but then I opened it and I was like, Whoa this is way awesome! She gave me a book! A book! Yayyyyyyyy, I'll have something to read at last! The book was funny but I got irritated with Mia. She overreacted some times and it was irritating when she kept thinking Michael would dump her just because she wasn't able to attend their first date. She didn't give him enough credit, you know. But they're really cute in The Princess Diaries movie. But that's another story. Which I will now tell, haha....

Okay. So I loved them in the movie(Michael and Mia), so when I watched The Princess Diaries 2, I was way disappointed, especially at the ending! But!! I Goodreads-ed Princess Diaries and did some browsing and then when I read some reviews for the 10th and last book in the series(I researched! Through Goodreads! Yeahhhh!), I concluded they're gonna end up with each other. Eep! I love it. I definitely want to buy the other books in the series now.

Merry Christmas guys!

Friday, December 10, 2010


I want a dSLR, a new cellphone, a new iPod(mine's almost full, though an iPhone would be cool), tickets to Taylor Swift's concert here in Manila, a lomo and film cams, books and Moleskines.

Non-material things, I want good health and long life for me and my family, good grades, and that I may be able to pass all the exams next week.

This song's beautiful, I tell ya.

Btw, my sister and I fought(hair-pulling involved) because I used her bag. She said I didn't ask permission, I said I did, in the morning, she said she was sleeping blah blah(insert other things losers say) and my mom butted in and told her she used my shirt(she's obviously on my side, yahoo) and I was shocked and angry and, ugh. Then things went worse because my dad was home(he shouldn't have took a leave from work today).

I just realized she also used my Sanuk shoes. And the shirt I was referring to was quite fitted for my body, and her body's obviously for a 20-year-old. I'm only 15. WHAT IF THAT STRETCHED(LIKE IT DID MY AEROPOSTALE SHIRT WHICH HAD A CUTE DESIGN AND WAS IN GREY. GREY!!!!!!!)OMG I COULD KILL HER. SERIOUSLY. BUT I WON'T, OBVS. JERK. SOMEONE PLEASE REMOVE HER OUTTA MY SIGHT! I SWEAR I'M NEVER GONNA SPEAK TO HER AGAIN! EVER! EVAAAAAAARRRRRR!

Anyway I have finished reading Eternal by Cynthia Leitich Smith. Just sharing. Btw, I'm becoming slow in reading. Like, I used to read a book in 2 days(sometimes 1, depends if I'm busy or not), but now it's like 4 days or so. WHAT IS HAPPENING. I'm telling myself that's not gonna happen again, I just have to read another book and see.