Friday, December 30, 2011


Went to Forever 21 this morning. Went out broke(as is always the case).

This was only 380 something pesos. Original price was 765, I think. So cute, and such a great deal :)

Saw this at the fitting room rack and I knew I had to get it.

A long time ago I saw this shorts(gray version) and it was the only one left. My mom didn't want to buy it for me because I wanted to buy pants that time too and she chose pants over the gray version of this super adorbs shorts BUT NOW I SAW THIS AND IT WAS LESS 200 PESOS AND IT WAS LIKE DESTINY. Although I still wish it was gray but that's okay.

Basically I don't wear tank tops not because I have dark underarms(I don't) but because I'm not used to it(ironic since how will you get used to something when you don't even try it first?) and I get self-conscious even though as I said, I don't have dark underarms but I saw this and THE FLAG PRINT! SO CUTE!

Tuesday, December 27, 2011


We went to Greenhills a while ago and I got some new stuff. I brought my Christmas money but luckily I didn't spend all of it, I just used some to buy a skull ring and 2 The Face Shop nail polishes for my sister(she wanted those) who's having her birthday January next year, or rather, next month. The rest are bought by my mom 8)

I kind of am not in love with the shape of the heels :( I mean I wish they were slightly thicker and not curvier but it's okay, i guess.

I love new things. *u*

Saturday, December 24, 2011


 Late post! Sorry. I have to tell you guys about my Kindle though ;)

My mom knew what I wanted for Christmas, a Kindle. Luckily my aunt was coming home from US for a vacation and she has a Kindle and can order one from Amazon (it's not that I don't know how to order from Amazon. I do. And I have. But it's just cheaper if it was shipped to US.) So I told her to just ask my aunt to order a Kindle so she can give it to me as a Christmas gift. Buuuuut... what happened was my aunt brought 2 used Kindle Keyboards. One was her old one (the black one in the pictures below) and the other one was her nephew's old one. I think they both have the Kindle Fire now, if I remember right.

I wanted one and my older sis wanted one too so my mom paid for both, I guess. I had to choose between the two of them and I chose the black one even though the other was really eye-catching with all the nice blue floral decal and all(which I later learned, by searching through Amazon, was Van Gogh's Blossoming Almond Tree. Ooooh.) But that one's keyboards looked more used than the black one (because the letters were kind of fading the slightest bit) so I chose the black one. Even though the one with the decal looks suuuuuper nice and more colorful and personalized.

Tuesday, December 20, 2011


I changed my username to armedqueen! If you know my real name, you'd understand ;)

Anyway, last week(sorry for only now updating lol) our class had a Christmas party and I got better gifts this year than last year. Thank you to all my friends who gave me gifts ;) Haha. They're awesome. Anyway, here they are...

So cute, right? ;)

Been wanting one of these bracelets for a while now, so yay!
I'm confused if this really is a drink stirrer or a bookmark. Maybe both?

This is so useful! I kept the bracelets here ;)

Sadly, my ear piercings have closed so I can't wear the earrings hahaha.
I've got a gold owl necklace similar to this(which I have never worn), so a colored one is more fun!
This is Eunice's gift for me and my younger sis(we're all friends) so I've got P500 with this. It's not enough, 'cause I mean. hello? Forever21? I always end up leaving there with at least a thousand pesos spent, but this is a really big an awesome help :)

Those are laces :)

Also, I finally got my Starbucks planner last week. Haha. Because of a friend, Mika, I learned that hey had this promo where you could get yours for only 14 stickers(3 less than the original) because it's their 14th year anniversary. Why didn't they have that promo the last few years? The promo was for 3 days and I knew of it the 2nd day and got the planner on the 3rd day, December 15, which was also my mom's birthday. I chose Spruce because even if I liked the lighter colors too, this kind of appealed to me more, mostly because of the fact that it's the unpopular choice. That was a bonus :) Mainstream? That was so decades ago. Just kidding. Mostly. 

And do you wanna know its name? You have no choice I'm gonna say it anyway... it's SPRUCE LEE! Like Bruce Lee, but Spruce! Yay! And by the way this is the first time I'm naming an inanimate object, aside from my beloved Pokemons, obviously(which is now gone because my sister's R4 was ruined. My creys! ;_; ) I just thought Spruce Lee was too good to pass up.

I have more new things but my sister's waiting for the computer(she has a laptop idek why she uses the computer anymore ugh) so I'll update again next time!

Saturday, November 26, 2011


I was gonna make a post about it as soon as I got a new phone(which you probably have guessed by now is a Samsung Galaxy Y) but I kept forgetting every time I had the chance to, and when I was off the computer I was lazy. 

Anyway I got it like a week ago. After 4 years, FOUR FREAKING YEARS of keeping up with my old cellphone it was finally replaced. So, this phone reminded my of my iPod. Because you can download apps too and the keypad was kind of similar.

When you sync it to the computer, it has a program called Kies. It's like their version of iTunes. I thought at first when I heard the term Kies it's the counterpart of Siri but I guess not.

On random news, I'm on Omegle right now chatting with a nice guy. The most decent chat I ever got on Omegle. Lol.

Sunday, November 6, 2011


Hi all! So, this evening my family and I went to the SuperSale Bazaar(my first time) at the World Trade Center. It was a 3-day event and today's the last day. Me, my younger sister and my mom were all supposed to go on the 1st day but they fought so obviously we can't go anymore because my mom was supposed to drive us and my sister had the tickets. In short I was useless and the two people who weren't fought. The 2nd day of the bazaar they're still not talking with each other, so today they made up and we went(plus my dad and older sis).

SuperSale? Not that super. Items were still pricey. 90% off on selected items? I didn't even see a 50% off.

It was kind of uncomfortable when we were inside the bazaar because even if it wasn't hot(thank heavens for that; I was even able to wear my jacket without people looking at me thinking, "Why is this girl wearing a jacket? Who the heck wears a jacket when it's hot?! Aside from this girl.."--and aside from three of my schoolmates, one of which is a friend and a classmate but that's not the point) and it was roomier compared to the Noel Bazaar which we go to every year and is held in the World Trade Center every Christmas season, but it was just really weird and as said before, uncomfortable because the stall owners were mostly  teenagers/in their early 20s who were richer than me. Seriously. You can see it in them. Many of the stores there are online stores so it was nice to buy something without a shipping fee. Hahaha. But as I was saying, it was also uncomfortable because of the added fact that you know and you can feel the people there(sellers and buyers alike) judging you and what you're wearing. 

It's also embarrassing to ask a *rich* seller how much an item he/she's selling is, then slowly nod like you're considering when in fact you're crying inside and wondering why they must sell it at a price too much for you(and your wallet), then looking at the other things he/she sells while slowly walking away like you just did it(asked the price) because you're curious and TOTALLY NOT because you would buy it if it's within your budget. 

Hmph. Anyway. Here's what I bought!!!!!!! :)

I bought the shorts for 400php, Buy 1 Take 1. Initially I thought it was pricey(I only had 340 on me haha) then I thought about it then realized that they must be 200 each, right? Well, duh. So then I though, "Yeah, not bad." so I bought it(my sister gave me 100, we'd share on these babies lol).

Bought for 80 pesos. Was an impulse buy, and as all impulse buys are, I realized they're not that amazing after some time.

Friday, November 4, 2011


Wassup homies? So obviously I'm back from the place where teenagers who run blogs just don't feel like it. Since when has Helvetica been in the font options?! If it's new then hooray but if it has always been there then I must really be out of my mind to not see it. I mean, hello? Every post of mine has been on Times New Roman! I know right! What the crap!? I mean, yeah, something's gotta be wrong with me because I like Georgia more than Times New Roman but I kept up with it. Ugh, seriously wtf. But those days are over, for I am back! And I have seen the light! And I will now use Helvetica a.k.a The Best Font Ever for all my posts. I'm not gonna edit all my previous posts, though. I'm too lazy for that.

Anyway highway, something must be wrong with my pageviews counter, because it's so outdated. (I know because with the new Blogspot I can see the pageviews. Wow I sound like I'm in an infomercial). So yeah should I change it? U_U 

I think I'd like to make outfit posts, ya kno? I would like a valid excuse to be a camwhore. Haha, just kidding. I don't need any excuses, my sisters are immune to seeing my face in the camera every time they look at previous pictures. Hahaha but no seriously just kidding. For that second sentence. But anyway I think my blog's kind of boring. Many people doesn't wants to read someone's life unless said someone is a celeb. Let's face it. And, hey, I'm no celeb. So I wanna spruce this blog up. Woohooooo!

Meanwhile, on the land of regrets. My sisters and I were supposed to watch Jason Mraz(even though I only have enough for a Gen Ad) but when one of my sisters asked our dad if we could(and on the same day of the concert too haha), of course he didn't say yes. Parents these days. Tsk. 

That is all. x

Monday, May 30, 2011


Their concert was held May 23, last Monday, so obviously this is a late post. :)

(Most of what's written below are copy-pasted from my Tumblr because repeating what happened would be a big pain in the butt). If you wanna see it here it is.
So.. a few weeks ago, my sister told me Maroon 5 concert tickets are 50% off just for that day, so she asked me if I wanted to go. Luckily I managed to say yes without swooning. She bought two Gold B(Gold A=VIP) tickets for me and herself using my mom's card and then fast forward, or rather, replay to what happened May 23.

My ticket’s Gold(as previously mentioned) but I didn’t expect there were many VIPs. I mean, we had free seating but we were kind of in the back regarding the Gold seats. We’re so near yet so far. I mean, of course we had a better view than the others(and we stood up on our seats to see them better) except the VIPs, and we can see the stage, but not Maroon 5 in all their glory. Yeah, I can see them moving(I wasn’t that far) but I really wanted to see his face(I wanted to see his features you know, not just his form) but that’s impossible unless you look at the projectors/screens/whatever(I wasn’t that close).

And while they were singing Misery(the first song), Adam(aka my love) asked, “How are you Philippiiiiines?” and the crowd just went more ballistic. It was so amazing. He also said they (always) like(or was it love?) it when the crowd sings with them, and we were like YEAAAAHHHH!! WHOOO!

It was super fun too, because in She Will Be Loved he asked us to participate(not simply by singing, and besides it’s not like we weren’t—we were singing and screaming). He divided the crowd into two(the left side, and the right) and our side had to sing “I don’t mind spending everyday, out on your corner in the pouring rain” and the other side had to sing “She will be loved, and she will be loved” and we had to do it again and again AND I DIDN’T MIND BECAUSE IT WAS EFFIN’ PERFECT!. Adam’s funny too, he made the gestures of a music conductor before and during that moment. NO doubt my fave moment. I wish I had taken that one on video.

They also did a cover on Alicia Keys’ If I Ain’t Got You. I sung in all their songs except The Sun and Shiver because I didn’t know those two. Shame, I know. But otherwise I sung my heart out—even in Makes Me Wonder, where there’s the F bomb in the lyrics and my older sister’s just right beside me BUT WHATEVER EVERYONE’S SINGING IT ANYWAY.

Adam’s real cool too in the stage. He’s so hot and cute and sexy and just.. say it with me now: BAMF!

They’re really good performers. I wish they come here for a third time. And if that happens I will do anything to be in the VIP then. Haha. I’m so glad I lost my concert virginity to them. I’LL NEVER GET OVER. There were also t-shirts sold but my sister said it’s P1000 so yeah no way.


ETA: See this. Saw the last line? ;)