Sunday, January 9, 2011


Yeah, so a few days after Xmas we had a post-Xmas gathering at an aunt and uncle's house consisting of relatives, then after we went back to the house because we do that, like, every year. It was quite boring but somehow fun(there was pizza!).

Sooo, sometime before eating the pizza(after dinner, I think), my younger sister told me, my older sister, and a girl cousin that our cousin from Canada(she went to the Phils. for her Xmas vacation/winter break/whatevs) pierces ears....!!!! Not long thereafter my cousin asked cousin no. 2 to pierce her ears on 1.) her left earlobe--her 2nd pierce there, and 2.)the upper left side of her right ear--somewhere around the scapha, thanks to Google
(and fyi she had quite many piercings, like prolly 4 or more). When they were getting ready for 2.), we were all surrounding them and we were like, "Take a picture!" and "Get the camera!!". So we took pictures and stuff. Then I also asked my cousin who pierces ears to pierce me, and so she did after eating pizza.

I asked her to do two on my earlobes. I wouldn't have done that if my ear piercings hadn't closed. So in short it was my second time. Then my older sister marked my earlobes so my cousin would know where to pierce. I told my older sister to just find the closed piercing marks and just trace that with the pen, and she did. The first ear was my right, and I heard, like, my skin--or probably the bones, or both--breaking. It hurt quite a bit but I managed to keep my expression calm. Sort of. Well, because I was trying to goof off and make faces as if it hurt, like hurt hurt(of course it quite did, though, you know), and they were laughing and yeah. My cousin actually had to put the needle twice. Anyway after that was my left ear and soon it was finished. I borrowed my sister's earrings, btw. And that was the crux of my Christmas vacation.

(I'm so late on updating it's embarrassing).

On other news, tomorrow's the start(I think so. I don't pay much attention to school announcements) of our intramurals and I'm the Scrabble alternate. It means when the official Scrabble player of our team color, blue, can't think of any more words with his selected letters, I get to play until the rest of the game. If you think about it, it sort of sucks because what if the official player can't think of words anymore early on, like, even before halfway through the game? But at least I have an event. Ha! Wish me luck! Good luck! Haha.

I have bad news regarding the seating arrangement for the quarter(we change it every quarter), but it's so bad I won't tell.