Monday, May 30, 2011


Their concert was held May 23, last Monday, so obviously this is a late post. :)

(Most of what's written below are copy-pasted from my Tumblr because repeating what happened would be a big pain in the butt). If you wanna see it here it is.
So.. a few weeks ago, my sister told me Maroon 5 concert tickets are 50% off just for that day, so she asked me if I wanted to go. Luckily I managed to say yes without swooning. She bought two Gold B(Gold A=VIP) tickets for me and herself using my mom's card and then fast forward, or rather, replay to what happened May 23.

My ticket’s Gold(as previously mentioned) but I didn’t expect there were many VIPs. I mean, we had free seating but we were kind of in the back regarding the Gold seats. We’re so near yet so far. I mean, of course we had a better view than the others(and we stood up on our seats to see them better) except the VIPs, and we can see the stage, but not Maroon 5 in all their glory. Yeah, I can see them moving(I wasn’t that far) but I really wanted to see his face(I wanted to see his features you know, not just his form) but that’s impossible unless you look at the projectors/screens/whatever(I wasn’t that close).

And while they were singing Misery(the first song), Adam(aka my love) asked, “How are you Philippiiiiines?” and the crowd just went more ballistic. It was so amazing. He also said they (always) like(or was it love?) it when the crowd sings with them, and we were like YEAAAAHHHH!! WHOOO!

It was super fun too, because in She Will Be Loved he asked us to participate(not simply by singing, and besides it’s not like we weren’t—we were singing and screaming). He divided the crowd into two(the left side, and the right) and our side had to sing “I don’t mind spending everyday, out on your corner in the pouring rain” and the other side had to sing “She will be loved, and she will be loved” and we had to do it again and again AND I DIDN’T MIND BECAUSE IT WAS EFFIN’ PERFECT!. Adam’s funny too, he made the gestures of a music conductor before and during that moment. NO doubt my fave moment. I wish I had taken that one on video.

They also did a cover on Alicia Keys’ If I Ain’t Got You. I sung in all their songs except The Sun and Shiver because I didn’t know those two. Shame, I know. But otherwise I sung my heart out—even in Makes Me Wonder, where there’s the F bomb in the lyrics and my older sister’s just right beside me BUT WHATEVER EVERYONE’S SINGING IT ANYWAY.

Adam’s real cool too in the stage. He’s so hot and cute and sexy and just.. say it with me now: BAMF!

They’re really good performers. I wish they come here for a third time. And if that happens I will do anything to be in the VIP then. Haha. I’m so glad I lost my concert virginity to them. I’LL NEVER GET OVER. There were also t-shirts sold but my sister said it’s P1000 so yeah no way.


ETA: See this. Saw the last line? ;)