Friday, January 6, 2012


A story of how heels (mixed with your own carelessness) can be dangerous...

Today was the first day us female Seniors were to wear our black should-not-be-equal-to-3-inches heels and it did not go well. For me, at least.

My sister and I always go to school together unless one of us is absent, and today my younger sis was absent. My dad drove me to school and I really wanted him to park inside the school, but as usual it was traffic outside and there was a lane for cars who wanted to go inside. needless to say, it was long. 

There were only like 10-15 minutes before the start of school so there's not a chance I was getting dropped off at school. Haha. Who am I kidding? My dad always(with the exception of field trips) drops us off in front, not inside, nor outside of the school. In front of. So we have to cross the street to get to school. So I did, and then when I was very very close to crossing the street, I saw a classmate and I am so filled with relief  'cause that means I don't have to go in school alone, wearing heels. She was alone too, so at least we've got each other for support, both figuratively and literally. At least when people look, thinking "Hudas dis bitch think she iz, wearing heels?!" it'll be at the both of us, not only me. So I walk a little faster and all of a sudden I was flying. 

 Well, for like a nanosecond or millisecond or whatever. I. FREAKING. TRIPPED. I immediately got back on my feet really quick and then only when I stood up did I feel the pain. EVERYTHING--EVERY BONE, MUSCLE, TISSUE--IN MY BODY ACHED. My classmate and friend was of course shocked but came to my rescue. I was bringing a shoulder bag, folder, a small bag for my slippers(for when I have to walk home because our house is a walking distance from the entrance of where we live) and my tumbler. So many things, right? She offered to carry my tumbler and other things that seemed insignificant at the time. She asked me if I was okay and I think I either nodded or said yes. I felt numb but painful at the same time. Either way, she asked me if I was sure that I'm okay and then I realized WTF I AM NOT OKAY so I said, "I'm not okay." I really was not. I wanted to just cry. It hurt so much. When we got inside school, the clinic was closed (you must be kidding me) and so I had to wait until break to get my wounds Betadine-d. Even then, every inch of my body still felt sore and aching(actually even now as I type.)

Thank goodness there were only a few people there but there's a car beside me so that added to the embarrassment. The ones in the car must have been shocked as heck and thought, "Dis bitch tripped?! What student trips?!" Well at least if they knew I was wearing heels that may be the explanation for them.  But really, it's not because of the heels. THEY WERE TWO-FREAKING-INCHES, FOR PETE'S SAKE. WHO TRIPS IN 2-INCH HEELS?! Aside from me? Because I really felt like I slipped on a string/line/rope whatever. I'm not saying I'm an expert in walking in heels (I'm not) but I wouldn't trip on the street wearing 2-inch heels! Even if I was walking a bit faster because of excitement and relief! Because I have to say, it's easier walking on the street or road rather than on school where almost every floor is freaking tiled. It's less slippery. 

Nothing could have ever prepared me for that. Stupid string/line/rope that tripped me. I wasn't able to find out because I didn't wanna look back. Literally. Too embarrassing to do so. I'm too much in a physical pain right now, even after 7-8 hours--not the best time to be accurate with my math--to say those cliches about standing up when you fall, not looking back and all that stuff.

So yeah, I don't know what tripped me but I'm sure as heck it's not me. I did not trip because of myself and it was not my own fault. That's not sarcastic, btw. Even if I did walk a bit faster, I am pretty dang sure I made tiny baby steps. I was shuffling(do not think of the song) my feet. Although, I admit I wasn't looking at the road when I started to walk towards my classmate, because obviously I was looking at her. And the result? NINE cuts/bruises/wounds/scratches in 5 different locations. Two scratches on my right elbow, a wound on my right hand, a bruise on my right hipbone, a big wound on my left knee, three small scratches+bruises on my left knee too, and a scratch on my left leg. YEP. IT WAS THAT BAD. 

Will post pics later. Lol. Omg, I still can't believe it. Today was such a traumatic experience. I keep thinking about the what ifs. What if my dad just waited to park inside school? What if there wasn't a rope/string/line? What if my sister continued on with her desire to go to school today? What if I didn't see my classmate? Would I have tripped? But you know, I can't really just dwell on that since ME TRIPPING IN TWO-INCH HEELS (can't get over how embarrassing and ridiculous that sounds) HAS ALREADY HAPPENED. 

But still, on the bright side, there's my classmate. I was really thankful for her for helping me, you know. She's probably one of the best persons you could ever hope to be there when that happened. It's nice to know you've got someone you can lean on. Figuratively and literally.