Friday, April 20, 2012


Good to be back! 

So, first things first. I've already graduated from SPCP as a high school student! How cool is that? Actually I've been a graduate for quite some time now, since graduation was on March 20 and it's already April 20. Huh, what a coincidence! Exactly 1 month!

Then we had our "graduation ball" the following day, which was held in Marriott Hotel, specifically in the ballroom. (It's really just an excuse for bitches to show off their gowns and for average people like me to be out of our comfort zones.)

My shoes :) Btw, they're fake. Just so you know.

Before make-up. Pardon the face.

After make-up.

They look delicious, but beware, they're actually not that yummy. The potatoes were bland, the lasagna had too much freaking meat on it and minimum cheese (oh, the horror!) The soup was good though.

I forgot what this is, but this tasted grrrrreat!

Keyt, me, Anita

With my best friends. You know what they say, birds of the same feather flock together. L-R: Mericar, Sheillo, Cecile, isa, me. (Not taken: Leo)

iPhone in hand, she completes the businesswoman-having-a-night-out look. Loljk. I always tease her on her iPhone simply because I want one haha. Seriously though, raise your hand if you think she's well on her way on being a businesswoman.

You can never go wrong with a wacky picture.

With Eunice. She's also a really close friend. You can count on her on anything :)

Ugh, gums.

My sister took this photo so I had no idea they served this :( I was too busy dancing haha.

Kitty! She's a cool kid. 

I look bored here...

The music playing was "Like A G6", and my class number since 3rd year high school was 6. Not to mistake with the boys, hence the G(as in girl). G6. Then I did this, and a friend helped out with the G. :D

Again, I look bored and seems I'm not having fun.

With one of my best friends, Isabela!! Love this girl so much. We've been friends for 4 years.

With Mika. She and I, we're long-lost twins. Kidding, obviously.

With Abby. She's currently in US, and I think it's for good, although of course she's gonna come back here for vacation probably.

With Angela. I'll be forever grateful to her for introducing me to James Patterson's Maximum ride series <3