Thursday, May 17, 2012



First off, LPEP(Lasallian Personal Effectiveness Program) is kinda like the orientation for the incoming froshies of DLSU. It happened earlier this week, on Monday(Day 1) and Tuesday(Day 2). Hard to believe but I was actually excited for it. Usually I should've been all nerves and whatnot but yeah. 

Thank goodness my younger sis' LPEP happened before mine :) I get to have pointers! And be oriented for the.. orientation. She's also an incoming frosh, and it's because when I was in grade school and she in Kindergarten, she was accelerated. So yeah, we went to the same high school and now same university. Anyway, I followed her instructions(which she probably wouldn't have given if I hadn't nagged her constantly) -- went in through Gate 2, walked straight ahead, turned left when I saw the potted plants(which is a landmark for the dead end), and registered. She said there'd be people holding up signs of different blocks(like, Block 1, and so on) and I should go to the place designated for my block, but when I arrived at the amphitheater people were already going up the elevators and I didn't see a sign for Block 25. Probably because I arrived barely before 8:00AM, the end of the registration. Ohnoesss!! So I asked this (cute) guy where Block 25's supposed to be, and he said to just sit wherever. I probably would've made more friends if I came in earlier when there was still the Block 25 sign and sat at the designated place, but then my current super buddies probably wouldn't have been my super buddies if I weren't late, so, no regrets! :)

So then we were herded to the auditorium, listened to speeches of the Vice Chancellor, etc(end of thinking capacity), then my block was led to St. Joseph Hall then did things I can't remember anymore(but I do remember the getting to know activity! So freaking fun! But was cut short. Sad face.) We were also given free food, etc. 

Day 2 was way more fun! Got to talk to more blockmates, we were all taught the Cenennial dance, watched the performances of some orgs, realized my 2 buddies had talents unlike moi, wondered why I have two left feet and why the heck I ain't pretty at all, wondered why I have to be so freaking thin, was led together with my other incoming froshies to the amphitheather(where we walked in this path and on either side were students outlining it and handing out giveaways so pretty soon my hands were full! And many still kept coming...), watched a performance(including but not limited to the cheerleading squad), then people danced the Centennial dance, the froshies were encouraged to dance by their LAMBs but only some did, one of my buddies and I escaped to the CR and did a quick dance there WHICH WAS HILARIOUS AND FUN AND COOL 'CAUSE WE'RE JUST THAT ;) After that we went home. Haha.

Of course I didn't take pictures during LPEP 'cause that would just be plain weird. But here are the freebies I got:
Our group won this! Yay us! Even though I don't knwo what I'm gonna use this for. Winning is still cool.