Friday, December 30, 2011


Went to Forever 21 this morning. Went out broke(as is always the case).

This was only 380 something pesos. Original price was 765, I think. So cute, and such a great deal :)

Saw this at the fitting room rack and I knew I had to get it.

A long time ago I saw this shorts(gray version) and it was the only one left. My mom didn't want to buy it for me because I wanted to buy pants that time too and she chose pants over the gray version of this super adorbs shorts BUT NOW I SAW THIS AND IT WAS LESS 200 PESOS AND IT WAS LIKE DESTINY. Although I still wish it was gray but that's okay.

Basically I don't wear tank tops not because I have dark underarms(I don't) but because I'm not used to it(ironic since how will you get used to something when you don't even try it first?) and I get self-conscious even though as I said, I don't have dark underarms but I saw this and THE FLAG PRINT! SO CUTE!

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